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About Us 

About Us

The Global Recruitment Hub

Vaquancy is a global team of Tech Professionals and Tech Recruiters with the aim to provide a clear and effective solution to special recruitment needs.

For Vaquancy, screening is all about the skills. All candidates are equal! They all have the right to participate in the hiring process based on their competences and not their gender, their age, their religion, their ethnicity or disability. In Vaquancy we guarantee a fair and transparent selection process.

Our Awards

Our Founders Dimitris Kyriakatis & Efthimis Vafeiadis were included in this year's special #40under40 list by Fortune.

They have also been included in FoundersBeta list with the founders of the Best HR Tech Companies in the US in 2022 for Reatcode, that works as a partner of Vaquancy! 

Our Priorities



All candidates are equal.


Vaquancy traces talents based on their skills and provides equal opportunities without bias or discrimination.The only factor that defines candidates' success is their competences.



Vaquancy is committed to providing Companies with top quality profiles.

How do we do that?

Applying cutting-edge technical assessment tools and modern recruitment processes!



Vaquancy promotes remote working, as part of employees' mental and physical wellness!


What''s great about remote work?

More career opportunities, more candidates and less restrictions!

What's new about Vaquancy?


Vaquancy works on success fee only.

If the talent is hired, the success fee applies. Otherwise, no charge or other commitment is paid.


All Candidates have been assessed before joining any recruitment process.


Having in place a structured and constantly updated framework of technical evaluation tasks, Vaquancy guarantees that all profiles have the hard skills required for the roles that employers are looking for.


Our response to employers' request are very fast.

You will get our feedback on the roles you are looking for within one business day.  Vaquancy guarantees that no time or resources is wasted.

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