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The new normal way of building your team!

What is metaverse recruiting?

In 1992 Neal Stephenson first introduced to the world the idea of metaverse in his science-fiction novel "Snow Crash".


Metaverse was supposed to be a virtual environment where people can interact, work, and play together using avatars. Today, metaverse is no longer a science-fiction concept. It's the most effective way to get in touch with candidates from all over the world, get to know them and explore their qualification and their personality. 

Vaquancy provides a full metaverse experience where companies can interact with candidates on metaverse from day one! 

How does it work?


Provide us with the job description of the positions you are looking for!


We' ll prepare the pool of candidates and arrange to meet them in a metaverse environment.

METaverse meeting

Join the metaverse community and talk to the candidates yourself!


Hire the candidate who fits best your needs!

Free Trial

Book your free trial to experience Vaquancy Metaverse Recruitment!

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