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Top 3 Challenges in Tech CV Screening

CVs are supposed to be brief documents reflecting the candidates’ experience, background, and personality. Someone would think that candidates pay much attention to their CVs, in order to make sure that all information is put nicely in order with clear writing and format. Instead, some candidates do not upload their CV in a pdf format, while they choose word documents, third parties’ websites URLs or even notepad documents. Working experience is not always clear or is limited to job titles, without any description of the roles and candidates may either exaggerate about their skills or forget to mention them.

Challenge #1: Do not judge a book by its cover!

First impression does matter! However, format and layout should not be decisive factors for screening. Tech Candidates may be very talented and skilled in the technologies required for the role, but they may lack presentation or writing skills. Paying attention to the substantial components of the CV is the safest way to perform effective screening.

Ø TIP: Work with agencies that provide professionally prepared CVs by recruiters. This method guarantees cohesion, and, in this way, you can save a lot of time from screening.

Challenge #2: Read behind the words!

There are two types of issues here; First, some candidates include skills in their CVs that they do not actually have. This is confusing for Tech Recruiters, since they might shortlist candidates that are soon found to be incompetent for the role. Second, some candidates tend to take specific skills for granted. This is also important, since it is possible that qualified talents are left out of the recruitment process.


Ø Study hard about Tech Professions and create a picture in your mind of the expected skills and the way the skills connect to each other. In this way, you will be able to “guess” whether candidates are exaggerating, providing false information, or have not devoted much time and focus to their CVs.

Ø Trust agencies that have already performed technical assessment to their candidates and ensure the latters’ competency.

Challenge #3: Save time!

Why spend all this time to perform CV Screening for candidates that are either not interested, unavailable or unsuitable for the role? Agencies like Vaquancy, provide with candidates that are trained, assessed and certified in specific tools and technologies. What is more, their availability and interest is confirmed prior to the initiation of the recruitment process. As a matter of fact, valuable time is being saved and Recruiters can focus on their main mission which is to find the best fit for their company!

If you want to learn more about the right steps to perform a successful CV Screening, ask Skillscouts, our educational partner!

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